How to build a country toilet out of brick with your own hands. Step-by-step photographs of the construction of a brick toilet

Greetings, friends.

What do you think: “What is the second most important building on the land?” As strange as it may sound, this is a toilet. We can do without bathhouses, sheds and households. buildings, but without a toilet - nowhere.

And so the question of building a toilet also affected me, since the old wooden one was rickety, half rotten and shamelessly leaking. In addition, the previous owners of the house had a very bad habit of using the cesspool as a garbage pit.

I chose a permanent structure, which, with the right approach, should last for decades (I hope :)).

So, I will build country toilet out of brick with my own hands , without resorting to the help of builders. I will post all the costs for materials at the end of the article.

The procedure for performing repair work

Any toilet, even a small one, requires numerous tasks to be performed. In such a small space there is a huge amount of communications. In certain cases, it is impossible to avoid drawing up an act for carrying out major repairs.

So, where to start renovating a toilet? Of course, from creating a design and calculating the necessary materials. Then the work should be carried out in this order:

  • removal of old wall and ceiling coverings;
  • replacement of sewerage, heating systems, installation of toilet installation;
  • if necessary, replacing old wiring;
  • room cleaning;
  • preparation of the floor surface, screed, floor arrangement;
  • wall decoration;
  • toilet installation;
  • installation of the door leaf.

Useful tips for beginners

When constructing yourself, you should consider useful tips from experts:

  • The best type of garden toilet is considered peat;
  • In order for the cesspool to last as long as possible, it is recommended to line it with bricks or concrete;
  • Thermal insulating materials, such as wood, are chosen as interior finishing;
  • the floor must be non-slip. It is best to make it wooden, not tiled;
  • For better ventilation of the room, it is recommended to make several small windows in the back wall. And be sure to make a ventilation pipe;
  • You should not install a toilet designed for city apartments in an outdoor toilet. There are special garden toilets made of plastic and ceramics on the market;
  • If there is free space, you can hang a hand washbasin in the country toilet.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that although the construction of a brick building does not belong to the economy class, it will please the owners with its strength, reliability, durability and attractive appearance. The main thing when arranging a toilet is to draw up a step-by-step project plan, choose high-quality materials, and think over the design of the building.

Select and buy materials for toilet renovation online

Anton Tsugunov , I have been doing repairs and finishing since 2003.
I prefer to buy tiles and renovation materials in an online store - it’s very simple, convenient and safe. You can buy everything you need without leaving home. Most often I order delivery directly to the site, so as not to waste time and not “damage” the car.

In the online store you can find the exact specifications and real customer reviews. There is a photo of how the tiles look when finished.

Moreover, when I pay for the tiles with my card , I receive cashback of up to 33% of the purchase amount !

It turns out to be a double benefit! I don’t risk my health, I don’t waste time on the road, I receive paid building materials at the time I specified and also save up to 30%.

The materials I most often purchase when renovating a toilet and bathroom are:

  • plasters for interior work;
  • primers;
  • adhesive for ceramic tiles;
  • floor mixtures;
  • ceramic tiles, tiles, porcelain stoneware;
  • floor tiles;
  • baseboards and bath corners;
  • decorative mosaic;
  • grout for tile joints;
  • inspection sanitary hatches;
  • toilets;
  • bidet;
  • installations for toilets;
  • bath screens;
  • bathroom sinks;
  • bathroom faucets.

Caring for decorative bricks in the bathroom

Brick is a strong and durable material. It resists the destructive effects of many factors, thanks to which it can cope with specific conditions in the bathroom. If it is properly impregnated, it will not become a habitat for dust and dirt.

Special measures are used to protect brick surfaces, usually in the form of primers and impregnations. These measures have different effects and can be used to achieve different end results, which must be considered before making a final choice. The most suitable sealant for bathroom brick is one with water-resistant, fungicidal and mildew-killing properties.

Brick stains can be applied by hand using a standard brush. However, when using this tool, it is possible that it will leave its characteristic marks on the surface of the brick (especially if it is not vacuumed accurately). Much more accurate and better results are obtained by spraying an impregnating agent.


Subtleties of design depend on the area

The size of the toilet room affects the plan for repair and finishing work. Here are some ideas for decorating a modest-sized bathroom.

Bathroom interior 1.5 sq. m

In some cases, using simple things, you can easily create a unique interior design in the toilet.

To make a small room cozy and presentable, do not clutter it with accessories.

Toilet combined with bath: photo

The most popular materials for finishing combined bathrooms, toilets and bathrooms are tiles, marble and granite. The area of ​​a small toilet room can be visually increased due to well-chosen materials, their location and color combinations.

It is equally important to choose plumbing equipment wisely - it should be compact in size.

It is worth paying attention to hanging models.

Bathroom interior 2 sq. m

The main task of a designer when decorating small washrooms is to use the space that is available as efficiently as possible.

The optimal solution is to install a wall-hung toilet model, the cistern of which is built into the wall or protrudes. This will save space.

Bathroom size 2 sq. m makes it possible to install a small sink. The room will fit both a hanging model and a corner one.

Next to the washbasin there are hooks for hanging towels and a compact mirror - it will add additional volume to the room.

The walls are lined with shiny tiles and liquid wallpaper (the main thing is that the finish is chosen in light colors). If you choose a snow-white material, add bright splashes, otherwise the design will turn out expressionless and sterile, like in a hospital.

Design of a spacious toilet room

A spacious bathroom should be practical, convenient, comfortable and aesthetic.

In the toilet combined with the bathtub, you can place both a font and a shower stall. A washing machine will also fit in the room.

Plumbing fixtures are placed at some distance from the cabinets, under the washbasin or built in.

It is recommended to complement the interior of a spacious toilet with vases or flower pots with living plants.

Some apartment owners in new buildings do not like large bathrooms. In such a situation, you should use decoration in dark shades, which will visually shift the boundaries of the room. Cabinets and cabinets are placed in free places.

Bathroom with sink

Such design solutions are used exclusively in small bathrooms, which cannot accommodate many accessories and pieces of furniture. But, nevertheless, in such toilet rooms there is no bath, but there are the most necessary items - a toilet with a washbasin, small shelves for placing all sorts of small things, towel holders.

Combined toilet room

In most apartments built in Khrushchev, the toilet is combined with a bathroom; Due to this, it is possible to use the maximum of the available space. Combined bathrooms have both pros and cons.

With the right approach, you can successfully design the interior of both a spacious bathroom and a small one. The main thing is to choose the finishing materials wisely and combine colors: this will create a cozy atmosphere in a toilet of any size.

Selecting a location

One of the most important aspects of building a brick toilet is the correct choice of its location. To ensure that future construction does not cause trouble to you and your neighbors, the following conditions must be observed:

  • If there is a well on your site, then the distance to it should be at least 8 meters
  • The distance between the house and the toilet should be more than 12 meters
  • It is necessary to maintain a distance from the neighboring area of ​​at least 3 meters

As you can see from the picture above, I more than met all the distances. All that remains is to prepare the materials and tools.

Designer design

Within this small space, creating a design project before carrying out renovation work requires a special approach

When thinking through interesting ideas for toilet renovations, it is important to consider certain points.

A great option is a built-in toilet. This is a good solution, since the sewer pipes are placed in the closet, so dirt and bacteria do not collect on them. Cleaning up is much easier. In addition, the toilet moves, which contributes to the comfort of staying in a small space.

Often heating and water meters are installed in the toilet. They must also be locked in a special cabinet. The interior space will benefit from this solution.

If you are bored with template solutions, look at photos of toilet renovations on the RuNet and create an exclusive design. In the photographs you will certainly find the most unique option.

Fashionable colors in 2022

In 2022, muted pink-gray shades and various combinations of white-brown, cream, caramel, gold and other colors are in fashion. Grayish-blue and smoky tones are often found in modern design ideas.

The calm color palette looks elegant and adds softness and charm to the interior.

Selecting furniture and plumbing equipment

Finishing the walls in the same color as the plumbing will make the plumbing fixtures in a small toilet less noticeable: in this case, the bathroom will seem more spacious.

Communications spoil the overall design picture, and to avoid this, disguise them. For example, make small doors that can be opened in case you need access to the pipes for repairs.

Think over this point in advance - before starting repairs, discuss the possibilities of camouflage with a specialist.

One of the best ways to disguise communications is to cover them with plasterboard. Drywall makes it possible to make counters and other structures invisible. In addition, it takes little time to install the slabs; the work will not be difficult to complete.

Advice. To make the bathroom look more spacious, choose light-colored, plain door leaves. You can also expand the boundaries of the toilet by adding glass inserts into the door leaf.

Many bathrooms have a rug on the floor, but few people know that this design element has the ability to visually reduce the size of the room. But if you remove the rug, your feet will freeze, because the tiles on the floor are cold. The “warm floor” system will solve the problem. Thanks to the “warm floor” you will feel much more comfortable in the toilet room.

If you don’t want to give up the rug, lay a plain product without patterns that matches the tone of the floor covering.

It is also possible to visually expand the boundaries of the room through the use of chrome-plated elements:

  • if there is a sink, a tap for it;
  • toilet paper holder;
  • lever on the toilet cistern;
  • door handles.

It is preferable that all fittings be made in the same style.

If you choose the right components, you can turn a small bathroom into a stylish toilet room that will look more spacious than it actually is.

But it also happens that the size of the bathroom is too large. In such a situation, you should select functional pieces of furniture for the room for water treatments. Manufacturers offer furniture designed specifically for bathrooms: tall cabinets for cleaning products and hygiene items, shelves.

On a note! Choose furniture at your discretion, but do not forget that it must fit into the overall concept.

The final touch in creating a bathroom interior is the selection of accessories. Choose a beautiful soap dish, paper dispensers, and heated towel rails for the toilet room.

How to decorate a bathroom with brick

The wall surface prepared for laying bricks must be grease-free and dry. Apply the brick to a thick layer of glue, and at the same time you must ensure that no air void appears underneath.

Let's remember that regardless of whether you choose real brick or tiles stylized to look like it, you must make sure that these decorative materials are securely fastened, including from the penetration of dust, dirt, scratches and moisture. When choosing, you should be guided by what material the brick is made of, as well as in what area it will be installed (for example, under the sink or in the shower, where there is high humidity).

Photo of toilet renovation

White Brick Wall: 12 Best Design Ideas!

A white brick wall will harmonize with shape-preserving furniture and designer lighting.

Brick on the wall is a popular solution. The attractive finish is available in a variety of color options. One of the popular solutions is a white brick wall . We will tell you in which rooms it should be used and what style it suits.

What will you read about in the article?

Let's start work

After selecting materials and design, use the detailed repair instructions yourself and begin the repair process. Where should I start? Of course, from dismantling.

Next is the installation of a new sewer system. Today, plastic is used, which is more affordable, much lighter, but not inferior in reliability to conventional materials.

When purchasing plumbing fixtures, it is important to check the availability of rubber gaskets. If there is a shortage of them, unwanted problems may arise related to the strength of connections.

Then the wiring and pipes are changed

Today, risers are made from polypropylene, which is important to attach to the wall surface as firmly as possible to prevent deformation.

When creating electrical wiring, it is important not to forget that it must be hidden in the corrugation, while it is preferable to place the connections of the required wires outside the room. Another important point is the ventilation system

It is often clogged, so it would not be superfluous to clean it and hide it under the grate.

The final stage is the installation of the toilet, as well as the assembly of the cabinet for plumbing.

Advantages and disadvantages of gypsum brick

Gypsum bricks are quite a convenient, common, universal construction tool, which is used to lay out entire walls or certain areas of the room.

Gypsum brick can be combined with wallpaper and plaster to make the design more interesting.

The main advantages include:

  • Environmental friendliness. They are made from environmentally friendly material that does not emit harmful substances that are harmful to human health, since they are made from natural materials;
  • Low cost. Gypsum brick is considered the most affordable material for creating a brick wall. It is popular due to its low cost;
  • A large assortment. On sale you can find bricks of different shapes, colors and textures. Thus, the design of the room will not be of the same type; everyone will be able to find and select a brick suitable for the overall design of the room;
  • Prostate application. You can install gypsum bricks yourself; they adhere well to various surfaces. To do this, you do not need to have any specific experience or contact specialists;
  • Light weight. Gypsum bricks do not put pressure on the surface and do not lead to its distortion, since they weigh little.

There are not many disadvantages, their main disadvantage is that they are very fragile. They may break if transported and used carelessly.

They are also afraid of dampness and high humidity. An element of a brick wall damaged during operation can be replaced without completely damaging the entire wall.

White brick wall - what styles of interior decoration does it suit?

Interiors in the loft style are distinguished by raw materials in the decoration, with red brick often used. However, this does not mean that white material on the wall will not work either. This will be a solution primarily for small, less lit rooms. A white brick wall will harmonize with shape-preserving furniture and designer lighting.

White brick is an excellent solution for Scandinavian design. Light wall coverings go well with gray upholstered furniture and wooden floors. On one of the walls you need to use white brick, and paint the rest with a gentle shade of paint, such as gray.

In what interior styles is it used?

White color is universal, it goes well with any shades, and any decor looks especially impressive against its background. But flat surfaces are boring and expressionless, they lack personality and make one think of a sterile operating room or laboratory. While a textured brick wall in an unusual white color, on the contrary, evokes a feeling of comfort.

This original finish is used in different interior styles. Not only a flat wall can be made of brick, but also the interior space of niches, arches, columns, fireplace portals and other decorative protrusions.

White brick wall in the interior of a loft living room

Brick wall in Scandinavian style

Brick wall in the kitchen in Provence style

High-tech kitchen design

However, it can fit into any interior style - retro, vintage, modern, minimalism, shabby chic. The main thing is not to overdo it and not use this design for all walls. It is better to choose one accent or any noticeable structural element of the room.

Ways to create “brickwork” in the interior

When we are not talking about the construction of walls and partitions, but only about their design, the material for it does not necessarily have to be real building bricks. Imitation of this material is most often used. The choice depends on the required texture and relief of the finish, and its cost. The area of ​​the room and the owner’s desire to preserve its volume as much as possible also play a significant role.

Let's see how you can create a white brick wall in your interior.

Natural brick

There is no need to invent anything if there is already a brick wall. For example, in a new house under construction, you can ask the contractor not to level one of the walls, and then all that remains is to prime and paint it.

Another option is to clear the walls of plaster before exposing the masonry. The work is hard and dirty, and if you hire people to do it, expensive. After cleaning, the masonry will also have to be repaired, washed, and then dried before applying a decorative coating.

Cleaning walls from plaster until masonry is exposed

Advice. If the interior is designed in a loft style, thorough cleaning is not necessary, nor is repairing cracks, chips and other defects. You can even keep some of the plaster over a large area or in islands to create a weathered and antique effect.

An interesting way to decorate walls. World map

Finally, you can lay out a brick partition with your own hands or create a ledge, a fireplace portal, or other elements from it. An excellent solution would be white silicate brick. But it does not always suit the texture, as it is too smooth.

White brick partition

Note! Fireplaces and stoves cannot be made from sand-lime brick unless they are decorative, since the material cannot withstand high temperatures.

Facing tiles

It is much easier to tile a wall in the form of bricks. There are several types of such tiles in white:

They have different characteristics, so the facing material is selected depending on the operating conditions. For example, gypsum tiles should not be used in damp or unheated rooms, as they are susceptible to moisture.

Clinker is a heat-resistant material suitable for cladding walls near the fireplace, and moisture-resistant ceramics will fit perfectly in the kitchen or bathroom.

White brick wall in the living room

White brick will look great if used on all walls - this is a good option for an industrial interior. However, it's best to display eye-catching material on just one wall—behind the TV. A white brick wall in the living room will become a neutral background for watching movies. After all, colorful wallpaper can be distracting during shows.

White brick for the wall will also work well behind the sofa. Against the background of the cladding, a seat in a rich shade, such as yellow, dark blue or bottle green, will look impressive. A burgundy sofa with velor upholstery is also perfect. The intense colors of the upholstered seats will look good in both modern and vintage interiors. You can complement the Scandinavian composition with a gray sofa on wooden legs.

White brick wall in the living room - how to integrate it into the interior?

Seats with soft upholstery in a rich color will look great against the background of white brick.

White brick wall in the bedroom

You already know which interior design styles suit white brick on the wall. It's time to choose a room in which to apply this finish. A white brick wall in the bedroom is a great choice!

Use white brick trim on the wall behind the bed. Such an expressive interior accent means that there is no need to diversify the space with accessories such as photographs or paintings. Leave the remaining walls in the bedroom white if the room is poorly lit and small. The white base of the composition will fit well into an interior decorated in a Scandinavian style.

White brick wall in the bedroom:

Combine brick with white paint - this solution is especially suitable for a small room.

White brick - what color to choose for the walls?

Regardless of which room you use white brick in, you need to combine other furnishing elements with it. Will white brick decorate only one of the walls? Combine it with paint of a suitable color.

There are many possibilities. A white brick wall will create a timeless composition with gray. You can choose dark anthracite or light grey. Gray combined with white brick will become the basis of an interior in a Scandinavian or modern style.

White brick will also look good in a vintage interior. What wall color should I choose in this case? There are many possibilities. White paint works well, especially if the room has a lot of very distinctive and colorful objects. You can also choose a dark blue color that will serve as a backdrop for 60s furniture.

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