Layout of a plot of 10 acres: basic principles of territory zoning and garden design

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The layout of a dacha plot of 9 acres in Moscow, made by the GreenMich studio, is a graphic representation of the territory and documentation accompanying the sketches with explanations, planting schemes, location of buildings, paths and small architectural forms.
Such work is characterized by complexity and a high level of professionalism, which is inaccessible to a non-specialist. When performing this task, GreenMich designers take into account many necessary factors:

  • Basic conditions of the land plot of a country house: size and shape of the territory, soil type, depth of groundwater, wind rose, natural insolation, climatic indicators and relief;
  • Availability of existing plantings and buildings;
  • The customer’s wishes regarding the allocation of zones and plantings.

Layout of a summer cottage plot of 10 acres: diagrams and examples

The planning stage for developing a plot of 10 acres should be given maximum attention: at the construction stage it is already difficult to transform empty and dead areas into a green garden.
Having built a house, a utility room, a garage, a swimming pool, and installed all the communications, changing something later will cost many times more. The shadow from buildings can interfere with the full growth of plantings, and non-compliance with SNiP can even lead to lawsuits from the closest neighbors in the dacha. Using every centimeter profitably is the main task of the owners. Work can begin immediately after the site is included in the cadastral plan and the boundaries with neighboring houses are determined. Harmoniously planted trees in a garden plot

Requirements for modern country cottages on 6 acres:

  1. Accommodation of a sufficient number of rooms: kitchen, bedroom, living room, terrace.
  2. Electricity needs to be installed into the building.
  3. The ability to receive guests at any time of the year (i.e. the presence of a heating system, fireplace, etc.).
  4. Compact, should take up little space, while being functional and roomy.

Cheap country house built with your own hands, photo and description:

Increasingly, people decide to build a country house with their own hands; photos and project drawings are available now more than ever before; there is no need to hire architects, designers and other workers. In this way, a significant part of the budget is saved, money can be redirected towards the improvement of the cottage, and the purchase of more expensive finishing materials. Now there are three main types of affordable suburban housing projects:

  1. Primitive buildings, temporary huts with no amenities, heating or electricity.
  2. A country house where you can stay for a while, with amenities and heating.
  3. Full-fledged, two- or one-story cottages with all amenities, where you can live both temporarily and permanently.

The first type of building, most often not capital, they do not have a developed design, and they are built without drawings. They solve local problems such as storing equipment, short rest, and shelter from precipitation. As a rule, a serious foundation for this type of estate is not laid; the foundation is made of boards or plywood sheets. But if you show imagination and use good finishing materials, it will look quite decent.

The second type of structures is the most common. The owners of the plots strive to make the premises as comfortable as possible, because this is where they often spend all their free time in the summer. Therefore, most often they equip all the necessary rooms such as: bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living room.

This capital building needs a strong foundation, as well as at least minimal thermal insulation, even if you do not plan to spend much time here in winter, it is better to avoid heat loss. If you have taken up a small space, you can arrange a blooming garden with beautiful flowers for the garden and a small pond on the site.

Country house project 6 by 6

If you have a large family and you like to spend time together outside the city on your estate, but you don’t want to take up all the space with one building. You need to make it compact. The best solution would be to build a second floor or veranda. Of course, this must be included in the plans and drawings. Only after the calculations begin work.

What materials are best to use:

Just 15 years ago the main material was wood. But now, the tree has grown significantly in price and has become less in demand, but it has not completely disappeared from the sight of designers. And for good reason, it has a number of advantages: environmental friendliness, ease of construction, stylish design, and so on.

Log house projects, photos

Lightweight concrete blocks are the trend of the new millennium. They are quite cheap, but have excellent reliability and thermal insulation characteristics. They also look quite impressive. The construction process is fleeting, installation of blocks is not very troublesome. If you insulate it well, you can stay in such a home even in winter. Sandwich panels are often used for construction.

What material to use is up to you personally; prices may vary in each region. It all depends on the availability of the material, as well as on the availability of manufacturing companies nearby. Sometimes a more expensive material with delivery is cheaper than a cheaper one, but with expensive delivery from a neighboring region. Therefore, be sure to look through catalogs and reference books, in this way you can significantly cut down on your costly part of the budget

It is also very important to take into account the climatic conditions of your locality. If you are building a building from timber or assembling a frame living space, then it is better to make the foundation columnar or screw

The roof is made from different materials, the main criteria when choosing will be: reliability, a suitable design for the rest of the country house, and whether the material fits into your budget or not.

Important points to consider before construction

At the beginning of the landscaping process, pay attention to the properties of the land. You need an accurate plan of a 10-acre plot with a house. However, before drawing up design drawings for the arrangement, it is important to know:

  • will all existing buildings be dismantled if they are already standing;
  • the size and shape of the land;
  • excess water;
  • soil type;
  • state of natural light;
  • the state of communications, if they are failed.

When drawing up a site plan, a number of factors are also taken into account for all zones:

  • planting in the garden requires a lot of light;
  • the shadow of buildings should not interfere with the growth of greenery;
  • when the height of soil water exceeds the norm, it is necessary to develop a drainage system.

Planned and divided into zones garden-vegetable garden

Placing zones on a land plot

Before drawing up a plan, a plot of 10 acres can be conditionally divided into modular parts:

  • residential part. House, garage, veranda, patio;
  • the household part, where household equipment, tools and equipment are stored. Farm shed, utility rooms, enclosure;
  • recreation areas. Square, alleys;
  • free area. Swimming pool, play area, summer kitchen with barbecue;
  • garden area.

Important! Pay attention to soil quality and light levels before planting your main crops.

The image shows how garden zoning occurs in a small area

Garden area where all functional and decorative elements fit

Important! The proportions and shape of the site directly influence the territorial zoning.

Drawing up a project for a land plot of 10 acres

You decide to create a drawing manually. Initial documents detailing the boundaries are drawn up in the BTI. On a thin sheet of paper at a scale of 1:100 or 1:200, a plan of a plot of 10 acres is drawn, with the cardinal directions marked. But there are also special programs, for example, easy-to-use online services - Garden Planner, FloorPlan 3D, X-designer, which help simplify the planning process. A project can be created in just a couple of minutes. First of all, the house is drawn. If the house is just being built, then the windows of the bedrooms, living room, office, and children's room should be facing south. If there is no garage, then the parking zone must be marked on the plan. Then other buildings are marked. Afterwards there are additional buildings. Mark all existing plantings and those that will be uprooted. Paths between objects are highlighted with small strokes.

The photo below shows a diagram of how to plan a plot of 10 acres with an artificial pond and a bathhouse.

Drawing of a site with a detailed plan where the house, garage, garden, vegetable garden and other buildings are located


When the design of the site is ready, the location of objects is known, the types of plants and places for their planting have been selected, you can begin to select decorations for the garden: these could be hedgehogs settled against the backdrop of juniper trees and fir trees, a heron standing near a pond, or frogs. Specialty stores offer a wide range of similar products.

Decorative figures are quite expensive, so you can try making your own decorations. A wattle fence with old clay pots against the backdrop of tall sunflowers will look original. Alpine slides, flower beds in unusual flowerpots - all this will add brightness and uniqueness to the site.

Shape of plot 10 acres

The greatest difficulty in the construction of a country complex is an elongated plot, for example, in the shape of the letter T or G. Here you will have to use special techniques of landscape architecture in order to create the most comfortable living conditions. Let's look at all the forms.

With proper planning of the land, even an irregular shape can accommodate everything you need


The most suitable form for landscaping. One of the design options: the territory is divided into two equal parts using green spaces (flower beds, hedges). Oval paths and round flower beds - here the correct outlines can be seen in the decoration of the garden with a professional layout.

The photo below shows the layout of a 10-acre plot with a house, a bathhouse and a garage.

The most successful form on which a vegetable garden, garden, house, greenhouses fit


It is possible to design a garden symmetrically and diagonally. The photo below shows a diagram of a square-shaped summer cottage with a residential building and equivalent boundaries.

A project that harmoniously combines a house and a small pool. Gazebo and green spaces


The round area looks visually attractive. But don’t forget, the forms of internal arrangement should imitate natural lines: paths, architectural structures, fences, fences. Vertical gardening - (large, high plantings) separate objects from each other.

Style selection

During suburban construction, in the vast majority of cases, the following styles are followed; we indicate them in Table 2.

StyleIn what cases is it recommended for use?
GeometricThis option finds its application on an area with a flat surface. Characteristic features include precise and consistent boundaries. The plant placement pattern is chosen to be rectangular, square or other shape. The composition of connecting tracks has a rectilinear arrangement relative to the main axis.
LandscapeThis model assumes a freer placement of objects, winding paths and smooth changes in terrain. This overall combination gives the property great aesthetics. Straightness of shapes and geometric alignment are completely eliminated.
CombinedThis type combines the characteristics of the first two styles.

Each variety is attractive in its own way. In this regard, the choice of a specific model depends solely on the wishes and plans of the owner.

Let's watch a video about site design styles:

How to position buildings correctly

All suburban buildings are regulated by the rules specified in SNiP 30-02-97. For example, a children's playground is installed in an open part of the garden. Minimum heights and distances between objects are also defined.

Home construction

According to the plan, the territory of a residential building occupies no more than 10% of the total land. The house itself is erected along the boundaries of the site for access to equipment and easy construction of additional extensions in the future. An excellent option would be to build a house in the northern part of the land.

Landscape design of a plot of 10 acres

Falling sun rays

When determining this parameter, it is important to take into account the angle of incidence of the rays in different phases of the day: morning, afternoon and evening. This is due to the correct calculation of the future location of the garden and fruit plants.

If there is no desire to create beds, taking into account the presence of shade at different time intervals will allow you to competently equip recreation areas: a gazebo, a hammock, a children's play area, flower beds and other objects.

The procedure for determining shading on a site is reduced to the following operations.

A sketch of the plan - in most cases, such a document initially reflects the areas of shading from ornamental shrubs or trees, as well as residential buildings and adjacent buildings.

To do this, using available material with a length equal to the height of such plants, the shady plots are measured, and when determining the shadow from the structures, sticks and planks are laid out on the ground, taking into account temporary shifts.

Reflection of shadow movement. The measurements taken of the movement of the shadow during the day must be noted on the drawing, forming sectors.

Analysis of the obtained values ​​and determination of the illumination level along the perimeter of the entire site.

Subsequently, in the darkest part of the plot, the location of recreation areas or barbecues is provided, and in the sunny part - beds, greenhouses and fruit bushes. Flower beds, flower beds and other decorative plantings are planned to be placed in the middle areas.

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